360CBT provides you with a smart set of tools to trade your assets and connect you to investors / investments. It is a secure and private platform to connect you with prospective global traders & investors interested in Southern Africa.

We provide a secure & private platform for clients in Southern Africa to remit & store their financial assets overseas.

1. Share & Find Your Investment

Share on our platform by adding a listing the investment that you are looking for. The platform options an opportunity to make your listing only available to our team of consultants only. Your personal details are not shared with anyone. 360CBT consultants act as middlemen and facilitate the deal.

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how-it-works-22. Cross-Border Trade

Beat the tax and import duty by connecting with professionals looking to sell / trade assets that you are looking for. This can be done by adding your listing. Your personal details will not be seen by any prospective people.

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3. Deal

Our international consultants guarantee discretion, privacy, due diligence, deal structuring and support.

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